In the past two decades, it’s fair to say the internet has expanded somewhat. Originally, websites were incredibly simple yet successful. Today, websites need responsive web design. If you don’t have a website that people can access on their laptops, computers, tablets, phones, and various other devices, you’ll immediately fall behind the competition. It’s not just about creating a website—it’s about creating an experience. With an easy to use responsive website design, you draw prospective customers in, and you give them a reason to choose your service over every competitor in your industry.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a technique to web design that allows a single website to work on all devices such as desktops, tablets and cell phones. The website automatically adapts to the screen size that it is being displayed on.

Before responsive web design came along, multiple websites needed to be created to work on different devices. This greatly adds to the cost of design and maintenance of websites.

If you have a traditional website made for desktops, users accessing the website on their mobile devices have to zoom in just to read the writing. With responsive web design, your website can be optimized for phones, tablets and desktops.

Ever looked for a local restaurant using your mobile device? Whether you are looking for a local service or an answer to a particular question, more people are using their smartphones and tablets than ever before.

Therefore, it makes sense that Google ranks those with responsive web design higher than those that don’t.


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